Danielle Stanway

Real Estate Sales Representative

Danielle is truly a magnificent leader and trailblazer in the business world with remarkable marketing and sales development expertise. An enviable background in business education prepared her for the strong leadership and management roles she held in both the public and private sectors. Spearheading countless successful marketing and advertising campaigns and programs as well as heading up IT divisions for small and medium sized enterprises have all contributed to her incredible resume of experience. On top of that, she also grew up in a real estate household – Danielle is proud to be a 2nd generation REALTOR! Her astounding business acumen ensures Danielle’s trajectory to the very forefront of the local real estate industry in record time. And in just one meeting with Danielle you’ll know why she has incurred such overwhelming success. From her effervescent enthusiasm to her brilliant marketing mind and shrewd business sense, the quintessential entrepreneur and businesswoman of the millennial generation is vividly apparent. Clearly astute in the mechanics and financial implications of the purchase and sale, the client-advocate relationship is fully entrenched in Danielle’s uncompromising service platform. The key components of trust, knowledge and integrity that are so integral to her nature are mirrored in everything she does, from the dazzling property launch to the unfailing closing day support. Highly systematized, Danielle offers an exclusive cache of client services that not only expedite the smooth sale or purchase, but also leverages the best possible terms for her client while calling into play a host of affiliates that enhance the entire process. It is the platinum standard for every client and nothing less, because Danielle recognizes the intrinsic value of building relationships with her clients that last a lifetime and span generations. Deeply rooted in her community, Danielle is a proud supporter of ProAction Cops & Kids and WEEMAX Children’s Charities.

Brandon Stanway

Real Estate Sales Representative

Brandon Stanway is a proud member of RE/MAX and it’s incredible team of top producing real estate sales professionals! In addition to graduating from the most comprehensive and current real estate licensing program in the world, and enjoying a successful and awarded 16 year career in the public sector working in law enforcement with the Durham Region, Brandon works along his wife -- well known REALTOR Danielle Stanway -- in their real estate sales business partnership at Stanway Properties. At a recent press interview, Dave Coppins, Broker of Record for RE/MAX Jazz, spoke earnestly about the star power of this dynamic duo. “Brandon and Danielle are true millennial entrepreneurs with the ability, foresight and acumen to transform the real estate process for consumers into a spectacular experience. We could not be more thrilled or more proud to have them at our brokerage. Working so closely and on such a deep level with families within the community, Brandon thoroughly understands the diversity of neighbourhoods and the unique demographic that makes up this fair region and translates that expert insight into sound advice for his buyers and sellers. Brandon’s incredible background has prepared him for a thriving real estate career where his leadership, diplomacy and interpersonal skills shine. With great respect for the real estate industry and a true desire to help families make a move with ease and security, Brandon combines his broad based area knowledge with his business philosophy of excellence in all things. With such an ideal resume, Brandon is committed to serve the public and exceed their expectations in today’s housing market. Brandon perfectly represents the new breed of real estate business leaders – that talented group of bright, young, enthusiastic self- starters who are blazing new trails in the way real estate is sold. Utilizing the explosion of technology – from aerial video support to interactive social media applications, to 3D imaging – Brandon advances the impact and attention that his listings receive via cutting edge marketing campaigns designed exclusively for each client. Brandon understands the connectivity of people across the planet because of the astounding capabilities that the internet provides, and leverages that platform through global.remax.com to unite international buyers and sellers within the local housing scene. Observing the influx of buyers from the Toronto area to the Durham Region over the past several years, Brandon has studied the demographic trends and how they impact the local market. By analyzing not just the unique housing needs, but also the standards and expectations of today’s most influential buyer segments, Brandon provides relatable, useful information and guidance to the buyers and sellers he represents. A 16 year resident of the Durham Region, Brandon is heavily invested in his community, sitting as a Board of Director on 2 different charity organizations, acting as an advocate for youth in conflict with the law, and he is a proud supporter of WEEMAX Children’s Charities and ProAction Cops & Kids

Eileen Dodd

Real Estate Sales Representative

For the past 28 years, Eileen Dodd’s name has been synonymous with one word: integrity. Quite simply, she is that real estate agent who everyone wishes was working for them. On any given day, she goes about doing good in her community, elevating the real estate experience for all the lives she touches. Long recognized and esteemed as a pillar of the real estate industry here in the Durham Region, Eileen enjoys a reputation that many would envy, steeped in honour, respect and admiration for how she has continually raises the bar for professionalism and charitable good works in the REALTOR community. Since embarking on her real estate career in 1990, Eileen has sought to improve communities, neighbourhoods and individual lives by extending herself beyond the real estate transaction and becoming instead an active participant in the betterment of society. Enriching the real estate process for her clients is a priority to Eileen. She instinctively taps into the very heart of the needs of her families and never takes for granted the privilege Canadians exercise in the ownership of property. Eileen is truly the quintessential real estate advocate for her clients and her region. A long time associate of RE/MAX for over 28 years, Eileen has pursued excellence in her outstanding sales career and has been celebrated on the international stage for both her longevity and impressive sales volume. Not surprisingly, Eileen receives the majority of her business through the personal word of mouth recommendation of her steadfastly loyal past clients. Partnering for the long term benefit of each of her clients has set her apart in an industry marked by customer turn over. Her ongoing relationship with CMHC is a testament to the reliability and trustworthiness that Eileen evokes from her clients and speaks volumes about her proficiency in negotiations and marketing. When not serving clients to the highest ethical and most principled standards possible, she is investing her time, talent and resources into improving the lives of families in need, caring for neighbourhood concerns and championing the nonprofit organizations that support her beloved community. A tireless advocate for WEEMAX Children’s Charities and a host of other causes too numerous to count, Eileen was the recipient of the coveted Philanthropy Award for RE/MAX Jazz in 2016, an award that conveys the depth of her commitment to enhancing the lives of the less fortunate. A lifelong resident of the Durham Region, Eileen’s vast experience and personal knowledge of her diverse marketplace afford her buyers and sellers every advantage. With virtually unsurpassed commitment and attention, Eileen Dodd is a shining example of RE/MAX’s most legendary catch phrase, “Above the Crowd”.

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